• Residential Locksmith Services

  • Our residential locksmiths have to stay on top of the game each day as it seems there is a new home security lock being introduced to the market.

    This means that there are opportunities to train our staff on the easiest and fastest ways to bypass them, by keeping our residential and home Best Locksmith technicians trained in all the latest locks and home security systems when our customers call for a lock out, rekey and even a lock change we are able to respond with confidence in knowing we are going to be able to perform the service they need.

    Our Pittsburgh residential locksmiths carry a selection of all the latest locks in their mobile service units&nbsp;</strong>so they are able to install a new, better lock on your front door right away.

    By having a higher security option on your home’s entry doors you the homeowner is able to regain the peace of mind desired knowing that your loved ones are as secure as possible.