• Commercial Locksmith, Locks change Services

  • In the commercial locksmith field there are also continual updates to security measures; since thieves are always updating their methods to gain entry so are our commercial locksmiths increasing the security at your business so the bad guy’s attempts are unsuccessful.

    For more information regarding the advances in AA Locksmith offers Pittsburgh locksmith services to people in an emergency or in need of professional locksmith in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

    Please call into our friendly customer care team 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we will be able to assist you with whatever locksmith services you desire.

  • Keypad Locks

    Keypad locks allow users access with or without a key, mostly used by entering a code.
    Keypads come in different varieties and grades, electronic or mechanical are very popular and super convenient.
    We have in stock hundreds of different keypad lock brands which our professional technicians will be able to recommend on the one that will fit your needs best.
  • Biometric locks

    Biometric locks are set up to identify your unique finger print/retinal characteristics. Very convenient as there’s no need for a key.
    Also, useful for businesses which have high turn over of employees. Adding or removing users is a matter of seconds with no cost to the lock owner.
    AA locksmith Pittsburgh carry dozens of biometrics locks brands and grades for residential or commercial use. Our skilled technicians can install and program them all.
  • Key Card Locks

    Keycard locks operation is being done by presenting a plastic card to a scanner or reader which will use electricity to lock or unlock the door mechanism.
    The programmed card stores a digital pattern which the reader recognizes.
    Keycard locks are very useful for high trafficking spaces like gym members, high volume companies, big chain store and more.
    Our highly experienced technicians can recommend on the right keycard locks, install and program the systems in a matter of hours.
  • High Security Locks

    High security locks are only those who are given an appropriate security rating.
    Must high security locks use a certain design that improve their ability to resist lock manipulation.
    High security locks are highly recommended for commercial use. These heavy duty locks will last for years to come and also come with a lifetime warranty.
    High security hardware should be installed by professionals with a few years of experience in the field.
    Our highly skilled technicians can install all high security hardware from deadbolts to mortise mechanisms and more.
    “Medeco” and “mul-T-Lock” are only a few of the name brands we have been using for years.